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Mamma’s wish list


Oooh the mamma has been dreaming away a little this morning checking out the H&M website. If only I had a birthday coming up haha. But if I had to choose just one the above to come home with  me it would have to be the cream lace dress.

With this whole birthing of 2 children within 21 months, clothes havent been the top of priority lists. Yet now, that I have lost the baby weight, feel better than I have in a long while, and feel confident enough to wear figure fitting clothes again I am having a mini crisis. Alot of things that adorn my wardrobe are items that have served me well  inbetween and after my pregnancies. Comfortable, forgiving and ok style wise. Boring, in other words.

Yesterday I actually got round to sorting out all my necklaces, earrings and bracelets that were left bereft in a drawer since Maia was born, only to see the light of day on few and far between occasions. I forget how fun it is to really accessorize! My jewellery now proudly hangs by my dressing table (read chest of drawer top) on my home made hanger – once my memory card is back in my possession I will be getting a picture up, along with one or two other little bits I have been up to…

Enough blabbering, a wash needs to be put on, some clothes put away, a cuppa drunk and then I am off to have my hair done ready for going back to work on Monday. It makes me happy to know my girls will be having a whale of time out in the woods today on this glorious weather.

Have a good day and be kind to yourself – you are fab as you are!


a new meaning to work wear

Mamma got herself a new bit of bling today, thanks be to my work buddies! Rather random, but I like it –  kinda brings a whole new meaning to work wear no? Maybe I’ll see if I can get hubster a saw or hammer ear cuff for his birthday? Or maybe, we should replace his wedding ring that he lost whilst rafting first. Silly man. You should have heard the conversation, all the grovelling before hand, trying to explain the seriousness of it and how sorry he was, made me think he’d really hurt someone and was in alot of trouble haha. Perhaps that was his plan all along…soften the blow as it were, that he had ”only” lost his ring.

So tonight is my last night home alone, and I’m spending it half wathcing Elizabeth – The Golden Age on tv and making Lily’s party decorations. Mad to think that this time next week I will have a one year old and a two year old! Other things I ought to do tonight is work out what fika we are having, I dont actually want just sweet things like cakes, but something savoury too, verging in healthy. I know, I know, party food and healthy dont normally find themselves in the same sentence, unless the word not is thrown in the mix. But hey, there can always be a first 😉

mucho excited!

Oh excercise bike, you ARE my new best friend! A while ago (feb!?) I made a promise to myself to get fit. Stop eating the crap, and exercise. It only took me until july to start! Well, now we are five weeks in, 2 weeks off from the bike due to holidays away from home, and I thought it would be a good time to measure myself again and compare to back in Feb. 
In February I measured :                       Today I measure:
Thigh 66cm                                                Thigh 62cm
Hips 102cm                                                Hips 101cm
Tummy 97cm                                             Tummy 94
Weight 74.5kg                                           Weight 72kg
I is rather pleased, as you can imagine. Because actually, I feel that I haven’t gone in as whole heartedly as I could have done. Gosh, I hope that doesnt make me sound like a smug cow, I really just am surprised!!  I mean, all I have really done with regards to eating better, is cut out bread – because it makes me horribly bloated and uncomfortable and instead I will have a ryvita. I’m drinking lactose free milk, for a similar reason really. I cant drink a normal bog standard cup of tea with normal milk without bloating, but other than that I hadnt noticed a difference or thought further about it until I tried lactose free milk and realised I wasn’t ”aware of my belly” if that makes sense. Strange really – I remember when I was in my teens getting tested at the docs for any intolerances but nothing showed up. 
Well that’s more of an incentive than needed, as I have been feeling a difference in my clothes which is what I was wanting rather than to focus on what the scales say. Im off to jump on that bike now, and tomorrow I am getting my hair done! Very excited, its been faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long since – shame on me!

decisions, decisions….

I’m starting to get a bit bored of my ”look” thinking that I need sorting out before I go back to work. Only problem is, I’ve done all the colours, and as always, I am very indecisive when it comes to my own hair. I wish someone would just plonk me down in my chair and sort it out. But Im also too chicken for that haha. Hmmm it will take some pondering but I am leaning to the darker and getting some hair extensions too, I want my long hair back like when it was copper/red!

TGIF & Todays outfits

I do love a bargain, I do. Like these fab shorts– 99kr in the sale at Indiska, and the only thing to follow me home yesterday. If I hadnt have bought that silly exercise bike, then my arms would have been overloaded with gorgeous printed and jewelled dresses and tunics, scarves, wine glasses, cushions, throws and tablecloths. Indiska has it all in my eyes.
Here’s the kiddlets only moments ago, playing with the extra chairs brought up for dinner last night. It was the first time in a long time that both me and dear husband got to eat at the same time, without interruptions or someone wanting feeding too – we actually ate past bedtime hehe. Very pleasureable indeed! But  once that first glass of wine was consumed and I fell into a food coma, that was it. Snoozy head on and in bed just gone 9pm. Tonight we’re having dinner at the parents and the mini Wilsons are staying over tonight so once they are in bed we’re hot footing it back to ours and jumping into bed with a movie. Thank God Its Friday peeps!

Anyhoos, I am nippin off to the kitchen to see what healthy naughtiness I can come up with as we’re having fika at ours today. Im thinkin raspberry muffins – surely that will count as part of my five a day?! 😉 The weather is thoroughly wet, so I couldnt think of  better way to spend it than with lovely friends and muffins =)

whinging and a prayer of the day

Dear lord, please give me strength to see me through the day
To deal with tanrums, tears and teeth in a loving motherly way
Give me the patience to shame a saint, because dear lord, thats one thing I aint
Lend me some energy and willingness to play, to enjoy each moment of this summers day

You know what the day will bring when you are woken up at 4.47am by whinging. Crying and upset it one thing, whinging another. At least in this household. The whinge at that time of the morning (or anytime) just means hell. Trials through out the day to wear out even the most resilient of minds lay ahead of me. Oh and hey, doesnt it just happen to be on a day where we are going out for picnic lunch at the lake with the Wattses? Of course it does. And, isnt mamma totally worn out too even though she went to bed before 9pm? Doesnt everything always happen at once? Yes of course it bleedin does haha.

That is what is going to make this day something to laugh about next week. As the icing on the cake there is no bread or milk to make sandwiches or tea for the outing, meaning I really should be ready NOW to go out to the shops first and head to mother dearest early to prepare the picnic and not just swing by and pick up Alex, Michelle and Frederik. But so far, only I am dressed and the swimming gear is at least packed.         I best get me skates on….

friday feelings & pralines

Nothing feels as good as this. Half  lying on top of the bed with the window wide open, smelling the summer rain, and listening to a bit of Norah Jones in the background. Friday feelings indeed, good people of the world. Friday feelings!

It’s not a total doss evening, I have actually made my own marbled chocolate pralines. I even went above and beyond my beginners status and plopped in a hazelnut or two. Having just sampled one, I can tell you they most certainly are delicious, and now that I know that I dont totally suck as a Chocolatiere I’ll get some better quality chocolate to do it next time. Probs end up working out more expensive than buying the darn things, but where’s the fun in that?? This she says having been to hell and back with frustration, grating up 400g worth of chocolate super super super fine and hurting poor fingers, and then realising it was actually rather akward constantly stirring melting chocolate sitting in a bowl in a pan of boiling water X2 (for the dark and white chocolate). 

I’ve said it before, but domestication just does not seem to become me. Y’know, the bits that are essential like cooking = total BOREDOM to me. Baking is fun. Cleaning I manage ok, better than some, worse than others, lagom as we say here in Sweden. Homemaking, rather than housewifing befits me more appropriately methinks. And seeing as we are speaking of making I shall mention that I have an upcoming project, or three, that require a sewing machine, fabric, lace and fabric paints, Homemaking stuffs. There are some poor cushions on our sofa screaming out for prettier covers, and its something I have been wanting to do for ages but just not had the right inspirations. Now that I do, I just have to make poor hublet take me to the shops tomorrow, but saying that maybe leaving him and the kiddies at home would be the best and make for uninterrupted glorious browsing at Ohlsson’s Tyger alone. Smart aren’t I.

Anyone else have any projects on the go?