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little terrors

oh jehezaz, I have been up for 5hours already. I think I can safely blame Mark, for waking Lily up when he got in this morning…haha oh how I shall make him pay once he rises from the depths of self-induced suffering of excess alcohol consumption. Mohahahaha!

What makes the whole darned thing worse, is that Lily was most certainly not up for being awake and in a most foul mood, and she was hell bent on not even having a cuddle on the sofa and trying to chill. No, no. It was all about running back and forth to the kitchen, opening drawers, slamming doors, hissy fitting and chucking dummies every-where, hitting out at me in frustration – i could go on.  It was almost, a little like a whole days worth of mischief squeezed into 2 hours, after which she had managed to wake both Maia and Louise.  I still have ears ringing from the screeching, but Lilypops is now happily snoozing in her cot and I hope she stays there a few hours more (just as much for her sake as my sanity, I promise).  Louise is actually asleep on the sofa too, bless her cottons.

It wouldnt be so bad, if it wasnt for my total brain exhaustion after yesterdays antics. Usually, they are quite forgiving, and only one plays up. Tag-teaming if you will. But yesterday, they were both at it. The girls are throwing themselves whole heartily into a major “lets-push-all-the-boundaries” phase, and they take no prisoners.  With Maia all conversations more or less involve wanting something. Or really NOT wanting something.

Me: ” Maia, please done bang your fork on the glass”
Me: ” Please, stop it now. You will break the glass and hurt yourself”
Me: *facepalm* remove offending objects. Then tell Lily off for copying. Little terrors.

……and you wouldnt want to bare witness to the phenomenal power struggle of a morning getting all the clothes on. Bring on summer!


half term

057Oh I do feel rather lazy today. Its monday, its 7.10am, and I am not even dressed yet. I have had the quickest of showers, but my cosy oversize jumper went on after rather than the days attire. As far from the normal monday stress as can be. Oh yea baby, Mamma is on half term!

Half term and celebrations all -round indeed, but there is work to be done. In fact, the sproglets (who are havin a cuddlefest as I type) are in nursery today, tomorrow and wednesday for a few hours to give me a chance to get ahead of the paper work game and save me time in the evenings and weekends when normal services resume. There’s also the small trip to the UK to get planning on, parents to inform about meetings, and lessons to be planned and made easy for subs to carry out for those days that I am away.

Both the girls have had check ups this week at the Childrens Centre. Lily has had her 18months check up and got a big fat OK stamp. Our littlest Darling is now 89cm tall, weighs 12.9kgs and took her jabs no tears and barely a flinch. Hardcore! I was more a wimp and welling up in anticipation of the tears haha. After Miss Maia’s check up its decided she is now to follow a milk free diet for a few weeks to see if her tummy feels any better…. Every time we go for check ups at the docs they like to weigh the kids, and Maia now stands at 106cm and weighs 17.9kgs. Thats 3.5cm since november! And Lily has grown 6cm since her first birthday. My little Amazonians ❤


Well now it is actually time to get going and get us off to nursery and getting on with work. I thought Id be all effecient and do a check list of things I would like to achieve this week in a vain attempt to coerce that extremely competitive person within me to get going and complete it. So here goes:

This week I will

  • Do the majority of paperwork (this can never truly be done completely haha)
  • Go to the gym TWICE
  • Go for a powerwalk TWICE
  • Paint my nails
  • Do the ironing
  • fix drawers in the bedroom




Saturday, the weekend, Hallelujah! This week has been a pain in the bottom, what with 2 Wilsons with a sickness bug and the little M taking a trip to the hospital twice. The former, sounding worse than it was thankfully – first a quick check up and OK stamp on swelling of joints (there are none woop woop) and second seeing a speech therapist for assesing and recieving help to encourage Maia’s language skills to come on a bit better sooner. Being bi-lingual both Maia and Lily are expected to be a little behind with their speech as there is obviously more for the brain to take in. Normally, they wouldnt refer a child with the ”difficulties” Maia has until much later I was told yesterday, but they think a more pro active approach is best. Meaning, they dont wait until it really is a problem for Maia and it starts affecting her socially. Giving her help now, is to save her frustration later, and also helps us, to be able to help Lily better ourselves when the time comes. I like.

I am actually nippin’ into work today, we have open house for prospective students which will be fun. Its just hard to decide what to wear…Speaking of which, the past few weeks have seen escalating tensions of a morning when M and I are drawn into discussions about what to wear. She.Is.THREE.Years.Old – help me god when she gets older haha. As her father says, she must be her mothers daughter 😉

I have a feelin its going to be a good weekend, piles of ironing and extra work included. Depending on the birthday girl, there may even be a party tomorrow with the kiddiewinks, and socialising for us all. Cant moan at that =)


Every night when i go to kiss the girls goodnight, im stricken with pain. To see my darlings so achingly beautiful & snoozin peacefully sends waves of love all over me to the point i feel like i am going to burst. Its enough sometimes to make me well up. No matter how horrid a day we may have had, a goodnights kiss and sniff of my lovelied wipes the slate clean and i can go to my bed relaxed.

Tonight is one of them nights were it has hit me a little harder just how intense my feelings towards the girls are. when the weight of the responsibility as a parent hits and you kneel for the pressure and in the same breath you feel as light as a feather for the happiness your children bring you. Gosh, its bloomin hard to explain that feeling!?

I wish that one day, Maia and Lily will feel as I do towards them and have their own families. I am very much looking forward to the journey there, but right now, the most important thing is sleep at Casa Wilson.  A busy week at work and home- and i forsee the weekend following suit- means I ought to get back in the black in the sleep account. Plus, its my turn to deal with any extra early wake up calls so you can almost predict what will happen… 😉

Princess and the Banker

As the title says, this is what I think the girls were playing this morning. Maia was trotting around in her heels, tiara and nightdress with camera in hand pretending to be a princess version of me, as if a tiara and high heels are daily accessories of mine. Camera yes, high heels occasionally, but a tiara? not even when I got married! Though I am flattered that my daughter sees me as being so glam 😉

Lily thought she was some high flying investment banker, stomping around with her bag and phone attached to her ear, ”uh-oh” ing and shouting ”NO!” at appropriate times, making her presence known. Fitting eh, that she would be wearing her new pjs which happen to fit the criteria for toddler inspired suit haha. My little darlings!

Tomorrow is D-day for Lily as she starts nursery, and I really hope they have as much fun together there as they do at home. It definately feels alot easier second time around, schooling in , and an extra positive is that Lilypops will have her big sis looking out for her. Its awesome watching them playing now Lily is that little bit older, chasing each other around, making food in Maia’s kitchen and seeing them cuddling up on the sofa. Enough to make this mammas heart melt thats for sure!

Lily – a year old


Ok, so it is now 06.48am.  I have been awake for about half an hour, listening to the kids playing with mother in law. We’ve been sent back to bed you see, heavenly and frustrating at the same time. I’m one of those that once awake, I am awake. Hence the naughtiness of sitting on here teehee, but I am relaxing and making the most of it. Thank you MIL!

Yesterday we had a fantastic day. It was chilled, no stress to get anything ready, kids were happy, guests happy and all ready for fika and coffee intake. A whole different story to Maia’s first birthday, when all save the Strömstens were poorly and had to cancel – such a shame!

Lily turning one hasn’t felt as ”big” as when Maia did. I remember waking up on M’s first birthday feeling that today is an epic day. I walked around in a sense of amazement and wonder,that I (we), had a 1 year old. We had made it through the baby stage, sleepless nights (she was an extraordinary sleeper & we actually skipped this part) our Wedding, moving abroad all within a year and we could stand there smiling, happy and stronger for it.

Waking up yesterday I felt excited for the day, and a smidge of relief. We had made it through our ‘‘last First Year”. Our adorable & hilarious daughter is now a toddler. It didnt feel like the end of an era, but a new start with more fun, adventures and tantrums to look forward to. A chance for our family life to really take off. I have never felt as proud of myself as I did yesterday, standing in the hall looking at all the great people around us, wanting to come share in MY family’s special day, celebrating Lily turning 1. We have been so fortunate to end up where we are today.

Lily is one happy, contented little girl. She has a temper not to be messed with and she has already thrown herself on the floor, feet kicking and hands banging, more times than Maia has in her 21months extra she has on her lol. A master of expressions, with a cheeky glint in her eye and a most adoring smile makes for a dangerous combination. Her loving,open mouthed kisses are freely given away and she takes cuddles when ever she wants one. Lily most certainly has a strong will, a keen sense for exploration and can be more stubborn than any old goat. Would it be wrong of me to say that I slightly dread the teenage years with traits such as these!?


cheats guide to fabulous kids party decs

I decided a while ago that I was going to make some bunting for Lily’s birthday party. And I thought I would cheat a little. Instead of doing any sewing, I went out and bought some different wrapping papers. Thought I would compile a cheats guide to making quick and easy party decs for not many pennies at all 😉

  1. Make a template from a cereal box, and fold over the wrapping paper so that you get a two sided flag.
  2. Once you have creased the paper at the size you want it, glue the paper together leaving a channel large enough to get your string through (I used my scissors as a rough guide)
  3. Cut off the paper from the roll that you want to use. Put the template on the paper again, and fold the paper over, so that you cut once and get several flags ( I got 3 from the width of mine with some excess left)
  4. Once you have cut out all the flags that you want, you can start stringing them up – I used a little hairclip attatched to the end of the string to make it easier to get through the channel

If you are feeling even more creative, get out those cereal boxes and cut out letters to spell out your child’s name, and even the number for their age. Seeing as I had lots of paper left over, I used the same ones, in the same pattern as I had hung the flags. One was most impressed with herself last night when all was hung, ready and waiting for the birthday girl to wake in the morning ❤