2 firsts on a sunny sunday

Its so nice, to be sitting here on the kitchen sofa, still feeling the sun warming through the window at 21.40.  Pretty cup next to me, kvällsfika in my tummy, and First Aid Kit playing on Spotify. The house is quiet, as well it ought be, after a long drawn out bedtime with an over … Continue reading 2 firsts on a sunny sunday


little terrors

oh jehezaz, I have been up for 5hours already. I think I can safely blame Mark, for waking Lily up when he got in this morning...haha oh how I shall make him pay once he rises from the depths of self-induced suffering of excess alcohol consumption. Mohahahaha! What makes the whole darned thing worse, is … Continue reading little terrors

Every night when i go to kiss the girls goodnight, im stricken with pain. To see my darlings so achingly beautiful & snoozin peacefully sends waves of love all over me to the point i feel like i am going to burst. Its enough sometimes to make me well up. No matter how horrid a … Continue reading