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zoom zoom!


Lordy lord, here we are, thursday already. I was only just waking up Tuesday morning?! Today I am home with the girls, both with a temp, and Maia with an awful cough caught from daddio. Typical, with so much to do at work, one of the hottest days of the year so far, and having been off poorly last week too. Sigh. Frustrating, not being feeling able to give the girls 110% of myself when they need me, as Im playing catch up with work, and the same goes for work too; I’d love to give it more time than I have to spare in my own time, to jut get things shaped up better, but I think I will just have to sacrifice some time over the summer to do it so I dont burn the candle both ends and end up broken lol. Being broken is no good for anyone!

Yesterday we had our last appointment at the Speech therapists, Maia , though perhaps a little late in her speech, doesnt really have any problems that we can work on. Her vocab range is fantastic for her age ( their words not mine 😉 ) and her ”issues” stem from common age related things and is nothing to do with being bilingual or not being able to understand. Its very common for multi-lingual kids to have delayed speech, and in general, they are usually a small step behind their peers until the age of 7, when they catch up and even sometimes get ahead of the game.

Anyways, I think I am going to go make a cup of mango tea, then cosy on down with my lovelies. A trip to the chemist is a must later, alvedon all gone now, so at least we will get a little fresh air 



I know, I know…We’ve only just finished one project, we have two in the garage (actually one, the second is still in storage at friends haha) a third may be here in a week and a fourth I have rather long term plans for. The fourth option requires some seed planting, nurturing, and more cash flow. I may sell items. I may sell two. For the pennies and the space. I am a little against re-vamping an item of furniture that we already have, because I think it is gorgeous the way it is. I just want another like it, in type but not look.

What do I want? A black vitrinskåp (display/drinks cabinet en anglais)


Now the two bottom pictures, is what our existing drink cabinet looks like, but its gloriously elegant in her beige pine, no yellowness in sight. So it feels rather wrong to go painting her white inside, black outside.

White I think, is something that will be staying around for ages, at least here at home. But the graphic contrasts of black and white add that little extra depth, contrast and interest. Its like a mix of shabby and industrial. A magnificent mix; all soft around the edges, with solid, reliable, age old romanticism, I’m all for a bit of  natural textures, mixed with metal, married with wood.

Oh dear…I wonder what husband will say when he sees this post haha

catch up

Time flies when you are having fun,
and when you are super busy. Busy isnt always fun, something I am sure I am not the only one to have concluded. Another thing I have noted ( again far from the only one) is how quickly the weekend goes – christ it was only just friday!?

The past few weeks have been so incredibly busy, and not with anything in particular other that life in general. Sure, this past week saw me pulling 3 X 12h days, but then that culminated to a fashion show and party at a club in town afterwards, so not a bad deal I guess. Getting in at 3am is just as fun as I remember haha, and the obligatory burger at the end of the night tastes just as good. In fact, this week I have been converted over to MAX for burgers, having never tried them before. No more Maccy D’s, Burger King, or van burgers when we are in Blighty…nothing can beat the king that is MAX. I cant believe I have been missing out these past 2.5years!?

Things are pretty chill this evening, and bedtime is nigh. Mark is already snoozing on the sofa, sleepy bear that he is. Speaking of sleeping bears, the kidlets have been sharing a room now since Lou’s visit and they absolutely love it. I have to say, that we too love it, as Maia has only come into our room once the past 10 days, whereas before she would be in near every night bless her. It is very cosy being all snuggled, but sleep quality just isnt the same which is a shame. Mark doesnt seem so keen on the idea of extending our bed to fit two little darlings either..but then again maybe that is the sensible thing to NOT do 😉

ps-please excuse the crappy grainy phone pics 😉

mamma & daddy time


Things are back to normal this sunny, cold morning. Miss Maia tiptoed in at 5.57am & cuddled up in bed with me for about 20mins before she got too restless without her dummy and wanted up to watch bolibompa. 

The weather is looking rather fab for our grown up time today, blue skies & bright sunshine, if somewhat on a chillier side with 6C (it was only 4C when I got out of bed at 6something). A lush breakfast with most of the trimmings ( read cereals, toast, homemade jam and eggs with tea, no full english haha), means we are sufficiently fed for a morning out in the woods picking berries and mushrooms, and then onto some fishing methinks. Though I wont be too suprised if after berry picking we dont just end up crashed out in bed and get back in the black in the sleep account 😉


Must not forget to put camera in my bag today…in fact I shall be doing it as soon as I am done here. Girls are to be dropped off in an hour, so I best get cracking with getting them dressed and me showered & ready =) What are you guys up to today?

sunday feelings

All day the sense of Sunday has been upon us. Y’know, the sort of Sunday feeling of cosiness, happiness and a calmness. I know, what a load of tosh haha. But really, today has been such a good day! Btw, dont my lovelies look all cute before bed? I actually think Mark has fallen asleep in with Maia as they went bed over half hour ago….?!

It started off rather sad today, having to drop mother in law off at the airport just after 7.30am. Getting up and out so early has actually done wonders for us all – being holed up indoors best part of the week with a stinking cold doesnt make for a happy Mamma, kids or mother in law. Well, we weren’t unhappy lol,  more frustrated with the missed chance to do something fun, or least I was. But then again, just being together watching tv and dosing off has its good points too when you havent seen one another for 11months. I really am lucky that I like my mother in law!

We went to a petting farm just before lunch with the Watt’ses, and boy was it chilly! We had a blistering 6C when we set off for the airport, 11C when we were out and now we’re at 7C. I have been itching to get out and take some pictures of the changing colours all around, but afore mentioned cold hasn’t made that possible. Luckily, ma&pa are coming over in the morning to collect the girls and Mark and I are heading off out in the woods to pick some mushrooms, and do some fishing at Nydala lake. Our neighbours have lent us a fishing rod and some funky bait stuffs so we are off to try our luck and catch dinner haha. Dear neighbours also very kindly came up with 15 books or so (Im guessing here, but there were a fair few) that their kids are far too old for, so now we are suffiently stocked for the next 7 years.

With all these books and a bit of extra space in Lily’s room, I am thinking of making up a reading corner using one of the seat sections from the old sofa and a load of pillows…very cosy and very impractical. I mean, who am I kidding?! The reading corner till turn into a jump zone and cause injuries galore…maybe this is better saved for when they are both older and able to understand the meaning of sitting still & enjoying a book together?

A new start

soooooo – hmm yes this all feels rather strange. New blogportal, not a bad thing really. Just takes sometime to get used to I guess, all the new buttons and ways to do things. Blogger has been bothering me for a while, and I finally bit the bullet and swapped. A massive bonus and ultimately a deal breaker, was being able to import all the stuff from blogger to here, so we dont lose a thing =) Clever eh! There’s still some tweaks I wanna do with regards to the design, but for now I have no spare time to devote so please bare with this slightly less than perfect one that is.

Now I am off to do the decorations, Mark is shopping, the girls sleeping and John Mayer is keeping me company on spotify. Check out the girls hair this morning btw, one extreme to the other haha