Kimberley – aka  Mamma, Mrs Wilson, the missus

Behind the mountain of housewifely duties and child rearing responsibilities, I am actually rather care free and spontaneous 😉 I am a hairdresser by trade, and love anything vintage & second hand. I like getting creative and my camera sometimes seems to be an extension of my arm.
I can be a dreamer, and have grand plans for our future, like building our own house, taking the girls exploring around the world when they are older, build, learn and expand upon the things I do for a living. Does finally getting fit and in shape count as a grand plan for the future? I’d like to do that too! Somewhere along the line I need to grow a pair to get these things done. Since birthing children I have become a tamer, more cautious version of myself, something I embrace and loathe at the same time. You’d think I’d have big enough cajones by the simple fact we upped sticks and moved abroad with an 8month old Maia & only Mr W with a job, but it would seem that I dont. Rubbish really. Anyhoo, that sums me up just about for the minute I think. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Two things I really hate and would run a mile from if I could, are spiders and cooking. They are to me kryptonite is to Superman. Debilitating.

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