2 firsts on a sunny sunday

Its so nice, to be sitting here on the kitchen sofa, still feeling the sun warming through the window at 21.40.  Pretty cup next to me, kvällsfika in my tummy, and First Aid Kit playing on Spotify. The house is quiet, as well it ought be, after a long drawn out bedtime with an over … Continue reading 2 firsts on a sunny sunday


sunshine and tea

I know it sounds cheesy, and I am sorry -but, today has been near enough perfect! A lovely long breakfast together, a walk without tantrums or minor meltdowns to get Skyedog and then an hour at the park before lunch, a long sleep for Lily, me getting to sunbathe ALONE in the garden, dinner at … Continue reading sunshine and tea


Little Lilypops is so sleepy this morning, and I suspect, teething. We've already had an episode of hysterical crying, with plenty of snot and tears, yet going to sleep is the last thing on madams mind and teething crystals dont seem to be doing much. Only Mamma will do!! But its ok, because I rather … Continue reading weekend