bedroom experiment

There’s a way things are done, and then there are ways things are done. I wonder, how many of you my dear British friends, whom have ever had that frustrating, annoying tug of war in the middle of the night with t’other half stealing the duvet? Or, maybe YOU are the duvet stealer? Here, at home with the Wilsons, we are both guitly stealers. This was never a problem, as we were clever to buy a duvet too large for our bedsize – but then we got a new bed, one that is wider than I am tall (I stand at 174 cm)…

bed sizeSo our bed was only 150cm wide, but we had a duvet that was 160cm. Nemas problemas! Mark was always close enough to cuddle up to and get back under the duvet should he win the fight (usually did as go figure he is stronger even when asleep haha) ¬†We even had sufficient space to fit a 3 year old, alternatively a 1 year old in between us – mamma having to put pillow on the bedside table to fit. Now though, we’ve been missing 20 cm and that my friends, is rather alot, especially as in the depths of night we both quite like to hug the edge of the mattress rather than each other lol. And last night, I took to drastic measures….I went and got the single duvet from the bed in the play room.

Ok, ok – whats the problem I hear you ask? Well it rather feels like I am snuffin out the passion if I am honest. Or rather, the romantic notion of falling asleep intertwined in each others arms, those cosy moments just me and him hiding under the duvet talking about our dreams and fears, creating a warm little bubble of Our Space. Somewhere were only me and him go (and the occasional poorly child). Those moments, would be forever lost should we lose our common snuggle ground.

Scandinavian bedroomBut I do actually, think it looks rather cosy and inviting with two duvets. And just think of all the fun I could have with choosing new bedlinen! Already there is one of those posh valance sheets to buy to cover up the bed frame (or whatever they are called but like how the beds are made in the pictures ūüėČ ) and then I am padding out the headboard and covering it with a light grey material to give it a more plush look. Sadly, all this needs to wait until July when we are back from our escapades in the UK, but methinks we shall have fun experimenting in the bedroom until we find what works for us – one duvet or two!


start of summer

IMG_0821Another week has zoomed right by, quicker than quick. Before I know it, we’ll be sat on that plane, London bound for our month away in the UK. Crazy stuffs.

Thursday night I went for a walk with L, a good two hours which left my left little toe  a throbbing bulging blister, and still having aching feet this morning. I even made a little half hearted attempt at giving myself a foot massage & pedicure last night, but its made no difference lol. Oh well, least I tried.

Something else we tried, was to have our first bbq of the season. It was the first proper lush day of the year (not counting the cooler seabreeze that hijacked us occasionally) so it was pretty much a given that dinner would be eaten outside. And my giddy aunt did it taste good! Food always does, when eaten outside. If we had our balcony up, breakfast would have been eaten outside as the thermometer already stands at 19C, and I cant tell you how excited I am about putting dresses on all the Wilson girlies! Smal trip to H&M for new sun hats is on the agenda today, and perhaps a few flowery hair accessories will slip into the basket – totally feeling the flower power vibe this summer, but more boho chic romantique than the 1960’s.

Eurovision is on the agenda for this evening with fabulous company and maybe a glass of chilled rose. Me like!

start of last summer when the Cracknells were over - not long til we see them and we're hangin on Devon and Cornwalls beaches =D

start of last summer when the Cracknells were over – not long til we see them and we’re hangin on Devon and Cornwalls beaches =D


finding peace

129I¬†cant say exactly when, but it was most likely in the car, singing (or maybe it was screeching) along to one of my favouite songs. And it wasnt an ”a-ha!” moment, just a quiet realisation when I was walking up the stairs to our apartment, that I got into the car at work in one mood, and got out of it at home in quite another. Oh yes, nothing odd there, quite cliched almost, I know, I know.

The past week/ week and a half, has been horrid. I’ve rang Mark up during work several times, almost in tears. I have felt resless, been unable to sleep, and felt incredibly out of sorts. A little bit of anxiety and stress mixed together in a not very pleasant combination. At first, I put it down to PMS, ‘cuz I get quite a bit like it leading up to the week, but the week is still 2 weeks away, so yea. I’m just glad I feel back to normal this evening, I think a good old chat with sis-in-law K done me the world of good, and speaking to Marks gran last night. Its like now, I have found that inner peace again, and my sensible head is back on and I know where I am. I dont much like feeling discombobulated…

Not much else to report, work is busy busy, not long now till we break up for the summer holidays and head over to the UK. Oh, and Im awaiting new contact lenses – that is rather exciting! Except, they were ordered over a week ago and they still havent arrived in the post, which sucks. The ones I have now are my last pair and I ought to have changed them like two weeks ago, naughty I know.

Right its offski to bedski I go, two hospital appointments with Maia tomorrow, eye check up and speech therapy. fun fun. There’s 2h between appointments so she’ll be joining me at work for a bit inbetween, always nice =)

Miss M at work with me last time she had early morning appointments at hospital =)


TPhoto_00141 TPhoto_00142

oh lord I think I am about to go crazy – I am really, really, fighting the urge to dash to the shop before it shuts in 15mins and buy a load of sweeties. Soft, gooey, sickly sweet jelly sweets. A bit of Geisha chocolate, and even some liquorice for Mark ( I personally hate the stuff) because then I can kid myself that I am being a good wife and doing something sweet for him – no pun intended. Oh, and notice how my friend is still kicking around, red and rubbish as always. I think the Rudolph song was actually sung at one point last night haha. What lovely friends I have!?

Tonight, I feel restless, a sure sign I should have gone to the gym. Or maybe I am in overdrive after today. Its rather peculiar actually, that today I am filled with such energy that I have barely sat down long enough to drink a cup of tea and I was out last night, quite late, and having drunk enough to stop caring if I looked silly dancing.

So today then, I have washed, dried and put away three loads of washing. I have gutted and cleanend our bedroom, been out in the garden playing on the swings, gone out with the girls on their bikes, read a couple of books, tidied the living room, dusted, drunk 3 cups of tea, where 2 were almost cold, and done some prep work for work in the morning. Mark has cooked a roast, hoovered twice and washed the floors. He also made a chocolate cake with the girls this morning, just in time for lunch-fika. He’s ¬†a good’un that one.cakebake
Oh, and I *DID* get to colour S’s hair pink yesterday, and Miss Maia ended up getting hers done too…made up she was! Spray on colours are the bees knees I tell ya! Quite amusing that when she woke this morning she was VERY pink in her face, the hair colour having rubbed off during the night hehe. I really do wish she would let me put her hair up at night, she has so much it must get rather hot with it all around her face?
Anyways, time I was off to bed – and what a lovely feeling it is going to bed with a nice tidy house to start the week


TPhoto_00132Little Lilypops is so sleepy this morning, and I suspect, teething. We’ve already had an episode of hysterical crying, with plenty of snot and tears, yet going to sleep is the last thing on madams mind and teething crystals dont seem to be doing much. Only Mamma will do!! But its ok, because I rather do like being all snuggled on the sofa! Miss Maia is with mormor walking Skye and going to the shops, and its lovely having some alone time with Lily ‚̧

My final year students have a big exam today, from 8am-5pm, and I’ve already been in to town to see them before they started their day – its a mammoth thing to be stood for that many hours with clients, with external examinators watching your every move..I think the way we were judged in the UK was much better! If any of them were to not pass or fail a certain element it will be because of ¬†nerves, bless them.

I is ¬†off out tonight to a gig, and I’m having second thoughts about wearing my dusty pink dress..its just not very rock and roll haha, but we are doing town after, and then its more suitable..hmm. Before that I may be changing S’s hair colour to pink too ready for this rockin’ evening – cant wait! ¬†Always fun to get creative with colours. Just a shame that I have only just done mine, and its far too much towards the red end of the scale than copper. Oh well. Good thing with my hair is that it doesnt hold the red too long ūüėČ

OH this post feels such a mess, but maybe thats because I have had to stop start seeing to Lily and I have now given her her lunch and put her to bed, and she is hysterical again, and my heart is breaking, I’m sweating, and there is a big ball of stress building in my stomach. This never gets any easier, ever, when it comes to hearing my babies upset.. =(

all that is gold….

…does in fact, glitter. It glitters in my eyes at least, filling me with desire and making me want to sweep in S.W.A.T style in all the secondhand and vintage shops on town to get hold of gold frames, mirrors and lamps. Though lamps ( I actually only want one, maybe two), I can get any shape, size and colour and spray gold. I just yearn for the ornate detailing of beautiful elegant mirrors and frames…I am slightly infatuated.
antique-mirrors6f21d8080eb7f50a_8168-w548-h486-b0-p0--traditional-framesDont’cha just love the warmth that resonates from this picture? The soft, almost pastel gold working so well with the relaxing soothing grey? Gold can be a bit cocky and brash, but¬†accessorized¬†in the right way, I think it can add a touch of understated glitz and elegance, as well as a funky retro feel to any space.

Anyways, its back to reality I go and making my way to ma&pa’s without a pram or car in the pouring rain. Good one there- what was I thinkin!?

longing for summer

Today we bought ice-cream and ate it outside for the first time. Yum! Indeed, today has been  very much outside, I dont think we have spent much time at all indoors save to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I am exhausted haha. Lots of cycling, lots running, lots of swinging and lots of giggles.  Happy girlies went to bed, and a happy Mamma is heading there soon too.

Days like today make me long even more for Summer, which really isnt all that far away. I cant wait until our balcony is up so I can make it all lush and indoor-outdoor living – plenty of ¬†comfy cosy seating, blankets, table, chairs, lanterns, fairy lights, flowers…what I really cant wait for is to have our own garden to do what ever I wish to, and not have to share with neighbours. Right now the girls have their swings, I’d like to have a sand pit and a slide too. One day. And one day, I will have my own piece of magic bohemian midsummer night dreaming inspired chill out area in the garden, where lazy summers days will be spent. One day..
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