what to do?

It seems my wish for Devon rain came true. At least, we have had rain since yesterday lol.

I’m not really sure what we are doing today, yesterday felt like tuesday even though I was at work, and today feels like a friday so  to be perfectly honest I am a bit all over the place.

What I would like to do is go out and buy bedding for Maia to go with her new room when we move next week. I have seen this awesome funky purple owl duvet set that I have just fallen in love with, and I’m pretty sure Miss M will like it too ( what with it being purple haha)

What I ought to do today is the 4.5 Ikea bags of ironing plus the 2 loads hanging up downstairs and hopefully hang another load. And then as well, actually put the clothes away and not just leave them neatly folded in the bags for anoher couple of days. God I am a lazy cow sometimes

But my friends, what I probably will do today, is stare and the bags of ironing, ”plan” how and what to start sorting through and get ready to move next week (and not actually do it). I doubt I will make it to the shops today, and I’ll more than likely get a little frustrated that the potty training is going slower than I would like. Ideally, Maia would just know what to do now. Like magic, just like *that*;)

So friends, what would you LIKE to do today? What OUGHT you be doing? and what WILL you actually do?


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